This is part 3  of the 3 part series of “What is a Managed Service Provider?”  Systems Audit and Inventory. Part 1 gave you brief description of an MSP and discusses Patch Management provided by CPM Networks. Part 2 was Systems and Network Monitoring provided by CPM Networks.

CPM Networks keeps your company up to date with the latest inventory of computers, servers, and mobile devices. Scheduled audits are run via our agents to automatically audit the hardware and software configurations on a recurring basis.

Three types of audits are maintained for each machine:

Baseline audit – The initial configuration in its original state. This is performed when the system is first set up.

Latest audit – The configuration of the system as of the last scheduled audit. This is run once per day

System info – All DMI /SMBIOS  (desktop Management Interface/System Management BIOS) data of the system as of the last system info audit. This data seldom changes and typically only needs to be run once