This is part 2  of the 3 part series of “What is a Managed Service Provider?” Part 1 gave you brief description of an MSP and discusses Patch Management provided by CPM Networks. Part 2 is Systems and Network Monitoring provided by CPM Networks.

Systems and Network Monitoring

CPM Networks Managed Services implements proactive, user-defined System Monitoring and Network Monitoring  with instant notification of problems or changes such as low disk space, processor spikes and memory issues.

Here are a few items we monitor on Systems

Windows Event Logs – Analyzes trends for system optimization, reporting and compliance.

Real-Time Performance Data – Optimizes performance and availability by monitoring for predefined thresholds while learning typical behavior. Analyzes trends for system optimization, reporting and compliance, and automatically finds all OS performance counters.

Windows Service Monitoring – Monitors and tracks all automatic services, restarts and service exceptions while mapping multi-instance counters.

Log Monitoring – Template and pattern recognition based monitoring of all flat file logs to look for variable alert conditions

Network Monitoring –  Includes the basics for monitoring all aspects of network connected devices beginning with the performance monitoring: Network bandwidth, CPU, disk, and memory utilization. On Windows platforms, both Windows performance registry counters and WMI queries are available.

Database monitoring – Includes support for monitoring Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and a generic ODBC monitor for use with other DBMS. All of the monitors can perform a SQL query as well as additional performance monitoring specific to each DBMS.

SNMP trap monitor – The advanced filtering capabilities and alarm conditions can be setup to respond to specific properties of the received trap. Their  is also the SNMP query monitor that can poll specified OIDs, perform a simple calculation, and compare the result with a specified value.

Mail Quality of Service monitor – Can test the ability of a mail server to send and receive mail. Statistics about round trip time, time to send and login time is stored.