Before delving into how the Barracuda Message Archiver and Barracuda Backup control storage, it helps to understand their different functions. Organizations
Need to keep emails in long-term storage for litigation and HR discovery requests as well as to comply with data-security regulations

Archiving stores email for the long term. However, it doesn’t collect other network data needed for disaster recovery. Conversely, a backup system takes snapshots
of the whole network’s data at a point in time for recovery in case of a partial or catastrophic failure. But, backup doesn’t retain emails deleted between backups.
While Barracuda Backup is one of the few backup systems that offers policies for long-term data retention, it isn’t designed to optimize email storage. Together,
The Barracuda Message Archiver and Barracuda Backup provide complementary long term and point-in-time storage with features that optimize data storage on Two Tiers

Paul McClearn